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TTT Dustless Blasting provides restoration blasting in Saint Charles, Missouri. We properly prepare your wrought iron, automobiles, and other materials for restoration by stripping off old paint, rust, and other debris so you can begin restoring the vitality of your endeavor with nothing in the way. We get your blasting job done right the first time with the best customer service in the industry.

The owner-operator of TTT Dustless Blasting saw a need in this niche industry and decided to invest in the restorative blasting business to help others prepare their projects for refurbishment. Our professionals can either bring our blasting services to you or we can take items back to our blast booth for the work needed.

Many companies use sandblasting to remove old paint and other buildup. We utilize two other forms of blasting, giving you a clean palate to work with on your project. One way combines water with a media mixture, perfect for removing unwanted layers from wrought iron, wood, and materials used on automobiles and marine equipment. We also offer heavy industrial blasting using a solid media for heavy metal fabrication, including buildings and bridges.

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RJ GrisoffOwner
RJ founded TTT Dustless Blasting in 2014. He found that there wasn’t a lot of other places in the St. Charles/St. Louis area that do any of this work. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, his favorite thing about TTT is the customers reaction when the projects are done.
Tim MeixnerPaint Manager
Tim has been with TTT since 2018, and he has over 20 years of experience painting! His favorite color is gold. He likes listening to the customers interesting reasons behind what they are bringing in.
Jeff GreerBlaster
Jeff is our newest blaster, and he started in 2020. He has about 5 years of blasting experience and brings positivity to our team!
Cindy ElkingOffice Manager
Cindy has been with TTT Dustless Blasting since 2019. She enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. Her favorite part about working for TTT is the people!
Hayle RosnerOffice Assistant
Hayle is a new member to TTT, having started in Summer of 2020. Hayle is newly married, and moved with her husband out to O’Fallon and loves living and working here! Her favorite part of TTT is the relationships she’s made with her coworkers, and seeing how old vintage items can get a new life with some cleaning and a little bit of paint!
Mark AlvaradoBlast
Mark has been working for TTT since 2019. He is one of our top notch blasters, he has an amazing background in blasting. In his free time he enjoys cooking and restoring Corvettes!
Chris KlebBlast
Chris has been with TTT since 2019. His favorite color is a black. He likes that at TTT everyone isn’t just co-workers they are friends.
Nico MandagaranBlaster
Nico has been with TTT since 2020. He is new to blasting, but has learnt very well and is an important member of our blasting team!


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