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Portable Media Blasting for Your Cleaning and Stripping Needs

If you need portable media blasting for graffiti removal, project preparation, or concrete cleaning in Saint Charles, Missouri, TTT Dustless Blasting has you covered. Whether vandals have damaged your property or time has taken a toll, we return your project to pristine condition quickly.

Graffiti and Vandalism Removal

Our professionals use the proper media and pressure, removing graffiti and vandalism from various materials. Whether vandals marred your car, brick building, or concrete, we remove unsightly marks, restoring your property to its original beauty without damaging the underlying material.

Restoration Preparation

With any restoration job, the end product is only as good as the preparation. To properly prepare your project, we take material down to the manufacturer's raw coat, allowing you to add any finish. Projects such as pool fencing, playground equipment, automobiles, and metal furniture can be time consuming and difficult to prepare on your own. Our process of media blasting is far easier than hand sanding, and we even offer painting services. In addition, we clean and prepare heavy-duty equipment including dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and farm equipment. Whatever your project, we can have your equipment looking as new as the day you bought it.

Previous Restorations - a Grill, a Construction Vehicle, and Patio Furniture

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Marine Before and After

Construction Projects

TTT Dustless Blasting offers services for new and renovation construction. We remove parking lot striping, combat years of filthy pavement buildup, and reinvigorate patios. Our services include the restoration of industrial pieces, such as outdoor stairwells, fire escapes, and pole barns.

Marine Equipment

Over time, marine equipment, including boats and docks, experiences buildup from water and barnacles. We blast any marine manufacturing material safely with the proper pressure and size of media, removing hard water buildup, barnacles, and other debris to freshen the appearance of your equipment.

In-House Or Portable Service

At TTT Dustless Blasting, we provide in-house blasting facilities with a full complement of services. We offer customers a state-of-the-art, 60-foot full paint and blast booth, but can also provide mobile services for your on-site needs. Our equipment is self-contained, using eco-friendly materials. Our staff arrives on site to blast requested items and fully cleans the area, restoring it to its original condition.

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart is our ability to handle products of various sizes and depths for blasting. We also offer top-notch customer service and competitive pricing.

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